HempStalk Fiber is Plains Hemp line of quality industrial hemp fiber that can be used in a broad arrange of product applications. Hemp fibers are known for their incredible tensile strength and light weight characteristics as well as their thermal and acoustical properties. They are available in 5 different categories, each with reduced hurd levels and higher fiber content and variable length.

HempStalk Bast

Long fiber length, from 30-60 cm with 10% hurd content.

HempStalk Air-laid

3 – 5 cm length, less than 1% hurd. Suitable for air-laid mat applications such as natural fiber insulation.

HempStalk Blend

Combination of short fiber and higher hurd content. 2-10 cm length, with 20 – 30% hurd

HempStalk Nonwovens

Class One, 5 -10 cm length, with 1% or less hurd

Class Two, 10 -15 cm length, with 1 – 2% hurd

HempStalk Custom Blend

Custom fibers created to meet your specific requirements. Contact us for more information.