Hemp Hurd

Hemp hurd is the soft inner core of the hemp plant stem. It is highly absorbent and rich in cellulose and great thermal and acoustic properties. It can be used as a treefree, sustainable animal bedding, alternative green building material for such applications as hemp concrete, biodegradable garden mulch, lightweight board, acoustical ceiling and wall tiles, nonwood plastic filler and other innovative eco-friendly bioproducts.

Hemp Pellets

Hemp hurd densified. It has been tested and proved by the third party institution as having 0.3% ash and 8,501 BTU/lb is generated when Plains Hemp Pellets are burned. Diameter = 6mm or 8mm; Length: adjustable. High bulk density lowers shipping cost.


Further processed small particles from hemp hurd, HempFill can be compounded and pelleted for use in the plastics industry, providing for a treefree sustainable agricultural filler. Also has potential to produce unique appearance possibilities.