• Plains Hemp Horse Bedding is a dust-free horse bedding made from the soft inner core of the hemp stalk, a sustainable agricultural material. Highly absorbent, it can gain 6 times its own weight.


    Super absorbent

    The absorption rate of Plains Hemp Horse Bedding is 612%. It rapidly absorbs urine to keep your horse dry and comfortable. It helps confined and reduce the size of wet spots that can now be more easily removed.

    Economical to use

    Plains Hemp Horse Bedding is very absorbent and more effective than wood shaving or straw. It is highly durable and is long-lasting so you’ll save a lot of bedding by stripping your stall less often. Many European horse owners who have switched to using hemp bedding have reported saving up to one-third of the cost of regular bedding.

    Dust-free, clean and safe

    Plains Hemp Horse Bedding is carefully processed with a three-step dust extraction process. The material is not bleached and no chemicals have been added at any stage of processing. Horse owners have found that hemp bedding is very clean and safe, especially for horses or ponies with respiratory problems. Further tests prove that horses are not tempted to eat hemp hurds.

    Effective odor control

    The loose, open structure and pores of the hemp hurds helps to ensure excellent ventilation, which puts an end to unpleasant smells caused by rotting and fermented bedding. Moisture is passed back out while the smell stays in the capillaries of the bedding material.


    The unique thermal structure of hemp hurds makes bedding warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.


    Within 8 weeks the Plains Hemp Horse Bedding will have completely biodegraded and turned into a highly fertile organic fertilizer, which is ideal for garden compost. It also reduces the size of muck piles and the related disposal costs.


    For boxes measuring 10' x 10', a depth of 3''- 4'' is achieved using four 33 lb. bags initially. Remove the manure daily by simply digging out the affected spots. Add 1 bag per week. If the box is cleaned out every 3 month, it takes about 60 bags for one horse in one year, assuming the horse is kept in the stable the whole year.


    In 330 lb. mini bulk bags or 33lb. compressed plastic bags