HempShine Absorbent
  • HempShine Absorbent is a fast acting, safe and handy organic sorbent, soaking up more than 6x its weight without leaching.


    Super absorbent

    Absorb more than eight times of its own weight.

    Enhance Bioremediation

    Convert contaminants into harmless by-products, such as water and carbon dioxide.


    No adverse effects on the environment, plants, animals and human beings.

    100% Natural

    Made from the hemp hurd (woody inner core of the hemp stalk), annual renewable resources – 100% biodegradable.

    Extremely low leaching rate

    Lock in oil and liquid even after saturation; leaching rate is as low as 0.0168%.

    Non-soluble in water:

    Capable to float on water for a long period of time even after saturation.

    Lower disposal cost

    Landfill may accept (disposal subject to federal and local regulation); incineration yields less than 2% ash and a high BTU rating (7911BTU/lb.).


    12.5 lb. double lined paper bags.