• Hempcrete is a simply mixture of hemp hurds, a lime based binder and water. It is a completely eco-friendly green building material. The use of hemp in construction is not new. It has been used in building construction since 700 AD in Europe and continues to be a popular building technique. With a proper mix of fiber and hurd, Plains HempCrete is an excellent natural building material for your own high energy efficient house or other environmentally responsible building project.



    Allow moisture to pass through, reducing dampness buildup and discouraging the growth of mold; provide better indoor air quality and healthier environment.

    Excellent thermal insulation properties

    Each hemp fiber works as a pipe, and it has the ability to store warmth and later give it back, which results in lower heating and cooling costs.

    Carbon Neutral

    Grown by the sun’s energy, hemp plants absorb carbon and release oxygen during their growth cycle, reducing your carbon footprint and providing for carbon sequestration.


    Hempcrete provides superior fire protection performance.

    Pest Resistant

    Provides natural resistant qualities to pests such as mice and repellent to white ants and fire ants.


    Available in 33lb or 40lb compressed plastic bags or mini bulk bags.