• Made from Hemp? The seeds (hearts) are great on salads and renowned for their nutritional value. Yes. Plains Hemp BBQ Pellets are made from natural hemp fiber. Hemp is an amazing crop, requiring few pesticide and no herbicides, having a very short crop rotation time, and being called a carbon negative raw material. Thus, hemp is not only eco-friendly but also environmentally sustainable. Industrial hemp contains negligible amounts of THC, and is considered unsuitable for recreational use.


    Unique Flavor, Tastes Great

    Imparting the natural hemp flavor to your BBQ cooking, Plains Hemp BBQ Pellets make your food tasty.

    Safe and Clean

    Making “clean and safe” pellets is one of our priorities. Plains Hemp BBQ Pellets are carefully made through three-step dust extraction process. There are no artificial binders, fillers or additives. Besides, it has been tested and proved by the third party institution that Plains Hemp BBQ Pellets do not contain phenols, which are found in pines and other soft woods. Our strict screening process makes sure that our BBQ Pellets are safe and clean for our customers.

    100% Natural Hemp

    Plains Hemp BBQ Pellets are made from 100% pure natural hemp grown in the Parkland Region of the Canadian Prairies. Plains Hemp only takes high quality hemp stalks as its raw material, to make the best BBQ pellets

    0.3% Ash, 8501BTU/lb

    It has been tested and proved by the third party institution that 0.3% ash and 8501 BTU/lb is generated when Plains Hemp BBQ Pellets are burned. With 0.3% ash, customers do not have to worry about much ash building up at the bottom of the grill. Burning at 8501 BTU/lb means about 2lbs pellets per hour will be consumed when grilling at a high temperature. When smoking, it is expected to consume about 0.5lb Plains Hemp BBQ Pellets per hour.


    20lb plastic bag