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Most reliable source of hemp based biomaterials in North America

Plains Hemp LOGO

Plains Hemp is North America’s leading provider of industrial hemp fiber and hurd products. The company has a state of the art manufacturing facility located in Gilbert Plains, Manitoba, situated in the province’s Parkland region, Canada’s principal industrial hemp growing area.
With more than 30 years of hemp processing experience and specialized knowledge, Plains Hemp’s technical team can create custom solutions for your innovative hemp product application. We work to provide technical grade quality hemp fibers and hurd for use in nonwoven applications, biocomposites, green building materials, animal bedding and consumer bioproducts.

Industrial hemp is gaining in consumer acceptance and once again reclaiming its rightful place as North America’s leading natural fiber. With premium fibers for a sustainable future, let Plains Hemp partner with you to help create innovation for the new bioeconomy. 
Through our commitment to quality hemp products, it is our intention to provide our customers with a more natural and healthy lifestyle. Our products, sold under the brand name Plains Hemp, include hemp fiber, matting, insulation, building material, absorbent material, BBQ pellets, and animal bedding. We are always on the lookout for new uses for hemp.


Annually renewable

High strength / low density

Sustainable / biodegradable

Thermal and acoustical properties